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IF YOU'RE A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR who is overworked, underpaid, chronically tired, and fed up with having to miss yet another fun event...
Here’s How To Automate Your Deals, Organize Your Team, and Finally Have The Freedom You’ve Always Wanted 
The only way we could help you make money easier is if we put it in your pocket for you. This software will make your life easier and grow your business faster while releasing you from the chains that tie you to your desk every day.
Isn’t it time you start living the dream?
When you start a business, the dream isn’t always about the money. (Although that helps.)
The dream is about the freedom. The freedom to make your own schedule and choose your own deals and live life on your terms - no matter what.
But then reality sets in. you’re chained to your desk and missing out on some of the best stuff life has to offer because you’ve got to WORK. And while it’s work you love… that’s not why you got into this thing in the first place.
Is it?

You’re not alone. There are millions of business owners all over the world who feel the way you do - in every industry and at every level of experience.
They say that an entrepreneur is the only person willing to work 80 hours so they can avoid working 40… but that’s not REALLY the dream, is it? 
And so you soldier on. You put on a brave face and keep missing out on family functions or opportunities to spend time with friends. You miss out on the awesome travel deals you always thought you’d be snagging and you’re tied to your phone and your computer because, well… business.

Perhaps you’ve even found solutions to help you “work less.” A program or a piece of software that promises you the world but really is just another thing for you to manage, without actually ever helping you save time or make things easier.
Your team can’t execute the deals for you because they don’t have a system to do it. You can’t follow up with leads because post-its are all over the place and there’s no one central location for all your information. And you just need an easier way to track your deals so you know what’s happening so you can scale and grow.
Sound familiar?
Imagine what it would be like if you found a solution for some of the mundane, gruntwork tasks that you have to do on a regular basis. 
Imagine if your team could actually 
run your business for you. Without you.
Imagine if you could free up more time for income-generating activities like:
  • Making new connections
  • Finding the right properties
  • Closing deals
  • Negotiating
Imagine being able to take a vacation and turn your phone off.
You do this by treating your business like a business. You get the right tools to help you create a proper workflow and team so you can focus on the money-making activities that are going to get you the success you want.

Before I tell you about the solution that I have for you, let me introduce myself:

My name is Matt Theriault and I’m a Real Estate Investor (like you!) I am a fifth-generation California native and Desert Storm Veteran (USMC) and have worked as a full-time real estate professional since 2003.

After building a small real estate empire while hardly using one dime of my own money or one point of my own credit (mostly because I was lacking in both), I discovered that I have a knack for simplifying the complicated, implementing systems and producing desirable results for myself and others.
At my core, I’m really just an ordinary guy who once had a goal to be successful in real estate investing and become a master of the “multiple streams of passive income” concept. As an experienced and accomplished professional, I felt writing and teaching was the next logical step in my career.
And it’s my writing and teaching that has led me to this solution that I’m about to share with you today. But first, I want to introduce you to another person you’re going to want to know: William Case.

William is my secret weapon - and I met himyears ago when I was struggling to run my business and get everything done and not drive myself (and my family) crazy with my work hours.

William is the genius that got me automated - and he’s my resident expert on all things automation. 
If it wasn’t for William and his mad-scientist level wizardry, I wouldn’t have even come close to the income that I have today. And he’s told me on more than one occasion that this would have replaced him… if only I had found it in 2003. (He’s pretty glad I didn’t find it back then!)
William is my secret weapon - and I met him years ago when I was struggling to run my business and get everything done and not drive myself (and my family) crazy with my work hours.
William is the genius that got me automated - and he’s my resident expert on all things automation.

If it wasn’t for William and his mad-scientist level wizardry, I wouldn’t have even come close to the income that I have today. And he’s told me on more than one occasion that this would have replaced him… if only I had found it in 2003. (He’s pretty glad I didn’t find it back then!) is software designed to simplify your business so you can enjoy your life. 
To begin simplifying your business, we’ve divided every REI business into four main areas: Lead Capture & Management, Project Management, Marketing, and Your Back Office.
Simply put, when you’ve got those four areas under control… you can head to Aruba or Tahiti and your business will be just fine until you get back.

The Magic of Lead Capture & Lead Management Done Right 

Business starts with the lead. When a lead comes
in on the phone or the web, you’ve got to have a place to capture and store that information - a place that’s accessible by everyone on your team.

Landing Pages gives you the ability to build your very own landing pages from within the software so that you can collect leads from the web. You are 100% in control of what you say and who you target - but the leads will enter the software and begin an automatic system based on parameters YOU set up.

Imagine you have a hot property that’s generating a lot of interest… simply create a landing page for the property (like and post the URL everywhere you advertise the property. Then you can encourage those potential buyers to fill out a form for more information… and now you have the name, email address and phone number of someone who’s actively looking to buy a property.
What would THAT do for your business?
With, you can create up to THREE full websites (one for buyers, one for sellers and one for investors) and unlimited landing pages - all with one instance of the software.
Profit Dial Call Capture
When motivated sellers call you must be able to capture that lead and respond immediately.  Profit Dial gives you the power to automate your call capture process entirely! You won’t ever lose another motivated seller lead. You won’t forget to call a seller back. No leads are left behind! In fact, Profit Dial can send a recorded message direct to the voicemail of every captured seller lead automatically! There are no more excuses, and no more missed opportunities. 

Dealing with buyers? Having multiple easy-access ways for buyers to get information on your  listings is critical to selling properties FAST. If they can’t easily get the information they want, you risk losing that buyer to another listing.

Profit Dial Call Capture allows you to list a toll free phone number that people can call to get an audio tour of your property. And when they call, their phone number, as well as the date, time, and length of their call is automatically captured in a for you to use for follow up. And it’s not just captured for you to maybe find one day. With the Client Genie CRM system, you can AUTOMATICALLY assign your team a follow-up task and it will populate on their calendar. (More about automated team tasks in Your Back Office section…)
Profit Dial Call Capture
The Profit Dial Call Capture system and Web Tools Landing Pages feed the Client Genie contact database automatically - and it is designed to keep track of every lead that comes into your office WITHOUT you having to take on data entry or manual contact management. PLUS, you can manually enter or import leads - so your existing list can be added to Client Genie with the click of a button.
(That means you can say GOODBYE to the post-it notes and scraps of paper that are flying around your office, house and car!... and STOP relying on Excel spreadsheets to keep your Client Lists straight.)
At a glance, you’ll have all the information you’ll need about a lead, including:
  • Contact Information
  • Lead Source & Referral
  • Past Conversations
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Task & Appointment History
Client Genie is the key to automating all the lead and client management that you do. Client Genie is the key to giving you the freedom to grow your business.
Do you want to trigger a reminder to a team member to call a lead and follow-up 24-hours after they opt-in? Just set it and it will happen.
Do you want to send a confirmation e-mail reminder series? Write it and it’s done.
You can tag leads based on where they come from and what property they’re interested in. You can make notes based on what conversations you’ve had and move them through your pipeline as you get closer and closer to the close.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Once you’ve got the lead and you’re closing the deal, you have to have a clear and defined path to make the project happen on budget and on time.

Project Management Perfection
Whether you’re completing a sale or renovating a property… if you don’t keep your ducks all in a row, you stand to lose money.
How many times have you had to pay extra to rush materials because there wasn’t a clear line of communication?
How many deals have you almost lost because you didn’t call someone or submit documents in time?
If you had access to our Project Management suite of tools, all contained within REI.Solutions… you’d have an easier, more intuitive way to stay on top of all the moving parts contained within a deal.
Lead Sheets
Property Pipeline starts with Lead Sheets that carry the data from Client Genie directly into your Property Pipeline. This means that all the information, notes, and details that you’ve collected from the second you captured the lead doesn’t have to be re-entered or moved.
It’s just done for you automatically.

Task Manager & Repair Lists
Next, you need to know the status of every property you’ve got at all times.
Start with the Repair List - the comprehensive list of repairs that you’ll need to complete in order to sell or rent your property. From there, the Task Manager will keep tabs on your projects as they near the finish line with automatically updated property trackers that tell you exactly what has been done and what remains to do.

Task Lists
Besides the tasks at the individual properties.there are a lot of moving parts to your business! And when you’re delegating to an in-house or virtual team, you’ve got to be able to see who is completing which tasks and when.
Automatically populated task lists work with all the other tools in - like Client Genie (automatically assigning followup tasks when new leads are created) and Repair Lists (creating a to-do list for contractors or project managers on your team) to help you and the rest of your company stay organized. 
This is helpful even if you have a small team - because communication breakdown happens at every stage of growth… or even if you’re flying solo right now (because who has the brainpower to keep track of everything?) 
The beauty is that these lists integrate seamlessly with everything else - essentially building you a well-oiled machine that works FOR you… instead of creating more work for you to do. 
Once you have the property ready to go… it’s time for
Masterful Marketing
Marketing your property isn’t as easy as posting it to MLS. You’ve also got to…
  • Post your property on Trulia
  • Update your Zillow listing
  • Confirm your page on Redfin
  • Upload the listing to Homefinder
  • Run an ad on Facebook
  • Maintain your post on Craigslist
  • Check your listing on
  • Ensure your listing shows up
  • Advertise using Google Ads
just to even get STARTED properly marketing your listing. helps you automate the most basic marketing tasks so you can focus on the overall strategy… NOT sending out e-mails to your new buyers encouraging them to call you. Leave that to the …
Autoresponders are e-mails, Stealth Mail voice broadcasts, and text message blasts that are automatically sent to your contacts at pre-determined points in their relationship with you. For instance, if they give you their e-mail address, you can have automatically send them a message confirming that you’ve gotten their information and directing them to take a specific action. 

Capture a phone number a send regular Stealth Mail broadcast and a regular Text Message blast to all your seller leads for a comprehensive No Lead Left Behind follow-up system. Don’t ever let a single quality lead slip through your fingers again!

These autoresponders are vital to keeping you away from your desk while still moving leads through to clients and, eventually, closing deals. Imagine being able to reach your leads wherever they are and instantly encouraging them to do business with you? How many more deals could you close if you had a direct line to potential sellers and buyers like that?

Marketing Builder
You may have heard the quote “the money is in the list,” and will help you make that quote true for yourself. Marketing Blasts is one way that can happen.
Remember the leads you’ve been collecting? Marketing Builder is how you’ll turn those leads into buyers, sellers, and investors.
Every time you have a potential opportunity - when you’ve secured a new line of investments and are actively searching for new properties, when your latest property is ready for rent or sale, or when you’re searching for money because you have opportunities for income….
Simply send out an e-mail to the appropriate people in your database all at once and encourage them to contact you to take advantage of your opportunity.
Now you don’t have to go down a list of phone numbers and call every person (you could build marketing workgroups to target specific client groups based upon established categories, flags and sources in the client genie system, instead)… nor do you have to type a hundred or two hundred e-mail addresses into your gmail (just select the parameters of the leads you want to contact and type your message once).
In fact, you could even create an automated workflow that includes a phone call and assign it - automatically - to your virtual assistant and have her make a call to everyone who received an e-mail to follow up.

This is a gamechanger.
Encourage these leads to call you, schedule an appointment, or visit your …
With, you will be able to build your own website right within the software. No coding, no web manager, no experience. Just an easy-to-use Visual Editor that will have you up and running with your own web presence in a snap.
But even more than that - we’re going to give you top templates to make creating your website easier than ever. All you have to do is fill in your information - your company’s information, your contact numbers, and a little bit about your business… and your website will be ready for the web!

Create a website for Buyers, one for Sellers and another for Investors - each with personalized messages specific to them to increase your close rate!
With your Lead Capture & Management, Project Management, and Marketing handled… you’ve almost got a business that runs itself while you focus on…
  • Making new connections
  • Finding the right properties
  • Closing deals
  • Negotiating 
  • And other money-making activities!
The last piece of the puzzle is …
The Very Best Back Office
You know that behind-the-scenes is where the magic happens. Sure, the negotiations and the closing table are the sexy parts of the business, but without the math and the follow up and work… the fun parts don’t happen! wants to help you make your back office run as smoothly as the front of your operation.
First, we’ll help you run your numbers with the

Deal Analyzer
The Deal Analyzer is the first tool you should use, and the one you should use most often!
Sure, you could map out a deal on paper - and some people think well that way - but there are two reasons you want to use Deal Analyzer instead:

1. Mapping out your deals with pen & paper is tedious and boring
2. Doing it by hand means that you could make a critical error that is the difference between “good deal” and “bad deal.”

The Deal Analyzer simplifies complicated calculations
and delivers profit and loss projections
backed by math equations.
What’s more… are you stuck deciding between two or more deals? (Nothing worse than not knowing which to choose, right?)
You can compare the deals side-by-side, using an apples-to-apples comparison. No longer do you have to guesstimate or project using your gut… now you can use real, hard numbers to understand the wisest investment for you!
PLUS you can run best & worst case scenarios - because after all, nobody likes a surprise investment! And when you’ve got all your numbers in front of you - simply print off a financial report and you have exactly what you need to show your investors.
But running the numbers isn’t the only thing that runs your business… which is why we’ve got to get your team working more efficiently for you. (Don’t have a team? Keep reading to find out how that may not matter…)

Automated To-Do List Generation
Whether your team is in the office with you or virtual (even in another country!)… the last thing you want to do is spend your day creating their calendars and to-do lists for them.
Which is why all the automation that your leads and clients see… well, that exists on the back-end, too.
When a new lead enters your pipeline, you have the opportunity to set what happens next. The emails and marketing messages that are generated can be set automatically… but you can also trigger follow up in your office via phone, or even a non-followup related task (like public records searches, pulling comps, credit checks, etc.)
Imagine not having to lift a single finger from the time a buyer lead comes in ‘til the time they’re pre-qualified… your team has handled it all for you!

That’s the power of automated task management,
and that’s the power that delivers to you.
You may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of functions that offers… but it boils down to this: provides all the tools you need - in one package - to run your Real Estate Investing Business. Whether you do three deals a year or thirty, automating your workflow and streamlining your process is the only way you’re going to get your business to work for you (and not the other way around.)
How do I know? Simple. I’ve been working in the Real Estate Industry since 2003.
I know what it takes to run your business, because I’ve been running a business just like it for nearly 15 years.
Add to that the fact that has been serving over 12,000 Real Estate Investors since 2008, and you have a formula for success. is the ONLY resource for this high-level automation withOUT requiring add-ons, plugins, additional software, API integrations, or any other time and money sucking software.
Other vendors say their software does it all… but they fail to mention the plugins and memberships that creep your monthly investment up to many hundreds of dollars.
Other vendors say their software automates your client process… but it doesn’t connect to your Deal Engine so you’ve got to do data entry every time you want to analyze potential profit.
Other vendors don’t even pretend to be able to automatically create a to-do list for your virtual assistant.

Only offers you the ability to fully
automate your entire business withOUT a plugin,
premium membership, or software integration. saves you time
  • No more spending hours e-mailing leads and following up with potential buyers or sellers
  • Stop creating a to-do list for your assistant - let the software handle it for you!
  • Instantly see the status of each deal and property…withOUT chasing down each project manager, contractor and client! makes it easy to run your business
  • Create your website withOUT any code or HTML experience
  • Analyze every deal using complex mathematical equations withOUT an accounting degree
  • Execute marketing campaigns with a press of a button makes it easy. Period.
But if you’re thinking “I can’t possibly take the time to get this set up in my business” or “This is overwhelming!”… STOP that thinking right now. For two reasons:
First: Growth happens when you’re uncomfortable. If you’re struggling to grow right now, it’s because you haven’t made a big step forward (like investing in!) to grow your business.
Second: We’re going to make it as easy as pie for you to implement this in your business. How?

We’re going to get it set up FOR you.
It literally can’t be any easier to get started than this! makes it so you can finally be able to step away from your desk for a moment withOUT worrying what will happen to your business…  
In fact, your business will GROW.

Don’t take my word for it - just read what a few of’ users have to say:
Milwaukee, WI
Increased Rental Prospects by 75%!
“ has kept us in business and married! [We have] Increased rental prospects by 75%... helps us reach more people and look professional without spending thousands of dollars and countless hours on 20 separate sites.”
Anthony & Jamie Klenkle
A & J Living, LLC

My Marketing is Working!
“I couldn’t function without
The automated systems are generating leads every week; I’ve even had sellers call me back months later because of an autoresponder. It’s great! 
We’ve started using the system to develop landing pages and autoresponders for other business as well. Loving it!” 
Ruben Perez
Skyline REI Properties, LLC
Mesa, AZ
More Time For Fun Stuff!
“When we started investing in real estate 3 years ago, gave us the confidence to know what offers to make. keeps deals coming in while we’re busy working other parts of the business. is a system we can delegate, which leaves our time better spent on negotiations and shopping for tiles.”
Peter & Eva Medilek
The Hayston Group, LLC
Berkeley, CA

I started from $0 - instrumental to my growth! 
“ gives me so much value for so little money. Seeing as I started at $0 with my real estate investment, has been instrumental in the growth of my business.”
Jeff Sheiner
Sheiner& Associates, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
If you’re ready to supercharge your business and stop worrying about the details… then is the exact right choice for you.
Getting started is simple:
When you click the button below and enter in your payment details, you’ll be instantly e-mailed a receipt with login information. This is how you’ll access your software and the first step to lessening your business load. 

Once you log in, you’ll be able to immediately access every piece of the software that we went over above… and from there, the sky is the limit!

And even though is intuitive and easy to understand, we have built a video library of how-to videos to walk you through just about everything you could ever want to know - from how to set up and use the Profit Dial Call Capture system to how to pull comps to how to add an e-mail template in Client Genie.
And even though is intuitive and easy to understand, we have built a video library of how-to videos to walk you through just about everything you could ever want to know - from how to set up and use the Profit Dial Call Capture system to how to pull comps to how to add an e-mail template in Client Genie.
From the minute you gain access to, you’ll be able to begin using it to grow your business.
If all you do is invest in and use the software, you will notice a huge difference in your business. So much so that the $249 per month investment will feel like peanuts compared to the freedom and income you’ll achieve.
But we’re taking it to the next level (for the smart business owners who want to join us…)
You could decide that is enough, and you would be happy with your decision… or you could decide that you want more.
As an PLUS member, you’ll not only have access to the incredible suite of tools that we’ve outlined here…
But you’ll also have access to business-building information that will give you the knowledge, inside information, and training you need to grow your business even more.

This training is the key to achieving
real financial freedom through your business.
I have spent years in the Real Estate Investing industry (I’ve been investing since 2003!) and for a portion of that time, I was struggling to figure it out. Figure out where to get new leads or how to make my business work for me.
And if you’ve decided that is right for you, you’ve already taken a huge step toward your own freedom. Which is why I want to offer my trainings to you at an incredible (63.89%, to be exact) discount.
Remember, is a bargain at just $249 a month… and for just $30 more per month, you could have unlimited access to the training videos, business support, documentation, transcripts, manuals, checklists, how-tos and guides that I’ve created for my Epic PRO Academy Members.
Whether lack of knowledge, money, time or credit is your biggest obstacle and weakness, I’m going to help you knock down those obstacles and make strengths of your weaknesses so you can propel your business forward, scale and profit for years to come.

There is the perfect level of support for you
no matter where you are in your business…
Looking for a dedicated support system, training and software? VIP is the choice for you.
Want just the software suite and business building training? PLUS is where you want to be!
Just the world’s best REI software suite? is the right choice to make!

Now, the investment for is only $249 a month… but that doesn’t mean it will stay that low forever. After all, the more demand there is for something, the higher the price is. You know this, right? (How many bidding wars have you gotten into because too many people wanted that hot property?)
That means I can’t make any promises about how long the investment will stay this low. In fact, the only promise I CAN make is that you will never see it lower than it is right now. You will NEVER find this software for lower than $249 per month.
But you may be able to find it for more… if you don’t take advantage of this offer right now.

If you were to cobble together your own solution,
you could easily pay $386.00 to $586.00
each and every month
(plus some one-time and setup fees):
Landing Pages - $50.00-$200.00 per month for a comparable landing page software
Profit Dial Call Capture -$55.00 per month (minimum) for call capture software
Client Genie - $75.00 per month for CRM software
Lead Sheets - $20.00 per month for API software
Task Manager & Repair Lists - $49.00-$99.00 per month for team task software
Autoresponders - $30.00 per month for a basic Autoresponder software
Website - $97.00 per month for drag & drop funnel builder for websites
Deal Analyzer - $129.00 one time
And that’s not even getting into our comps tool, the automated to-do list generator, or any of the other essential tools that offers you.
AND it will only cost you $7 to try it today:
Try for 7-days, and if you don't:
  • immediately see the potential for business growth
  • organize your office and team
  • experience freedom from your desk
  • see its ease of use
  • get excited about your business again
then simply cancel your subscription and be satisfied that you gave your business a real chance to grow.
Look, you have every reason in the world to give a try. It’s literally no risk to you. If you don’t love it, then let us know and you get all of your money back.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You could grow your business and have your freedom back.
All you have to do is choose your level below and that’s it. I can’t make it any easier for you.

It’s time for you to take the step for yourself.
Or, you could do nothing and in a year from now… you’ll be exactly where you are right now. Chained to a desk, wishing that you had made a change in your business and wondering when you were going to see the money and freedom you thought you’d have by now.

It’s your choice. All I can do is give you the tools you need to succeed. The rest is up to you.
Dedicated to Your Success,
Matt Theriault

PS - In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a short reminder of everything you’ll get with
Landing Pages - $50.00-$200.00 per month for a comparable landing page software
Profit Dial Call Capture - $55.00 per month (minimum) for call capture software
Client Genie - $75.00 per month for CRM software
Lead Sheets - $20.00 per month for API software
Task Manager & Repair Lists - $49.00-$99.00 per month for team task software
Autoresponders - $30.00 per month for a basic Autoresponder software
Website - $97.00 per month for drag & drop funnel builder for websites
Deal Analyzer - $129.00 one time
And that’s not even getting into our comps tool, the automated to-do list generator, or any of the other essential tools that offers you.
PLUS training and support with our PLUS and VIP membership levels!
P.P.S. Remember, the only pricing promise I can make is that you will never see at a lower investment than it is right now. This may be your last chance to invest in your business at this rate.

If not now, when? When you close your next deal? When you hit a certain income goal?

When is the right time to invest in your business?

The time to invest is now - now when the price is the lowest it will ever be, and when you know this is something that can help you grow. (You wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t believe this was the solution for you.) 
Don’t hesitate and miss out on a really good thing. Click the button above and make a difference in your business today.

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